Friday, 27 January 2017

Relationships: HIT or MISS?

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog...its been a long time!
DISCLAIMER: This is a very cringe post and a very appreciative one about my boyfriend so if you don't like cringe stuff then don't read lol 

So, these past few weeks have got me thinking that I want to start this blog back up again, but make it public to the people that know me in the real world. Before, I would come on, write things to do about beauty, show my favourite beauty item of the month and would blog about my life...but to people who are also involved within blogging not the people who actually know me. I love blogging, its an amazing way to interact with people who love the things you do and to share opinions, I am, logging on today to speak nothing about Fashion or Beauty but in fact about Relationships. 

Now, I know nothing about relationships, although I am in a very happy one I still have a lot of learning to do, and I'm not writing today to say 'I know every single thing about relationships' thats not the case at all, believe me, I wish I knew everything there was!

So it all started back in Summer 2015 me and Owen (my boyfriend right now) started to speak. It would be just a couple messages a day and then not speak for a week and then the same happened over and over for about a month and a bit. We then went back to school and I would occasionally pass him in school but thought nothing of it as it was just a bit of messaging and then we stopped. It got to about middle of September and we started to speak every day, non stop. He was funny...that's the first thing I thought, and sweet also. By this time I would walk past him and be too shy to look at him (probably because I thought I fancied him). 'I thought' because at that moment in time I was going through a phase where I thought everything negative about myself, nothing positive. I hated the way I looked, the way I dressed and my weight. I was insecure which is why I thought us talking would come to an end soon enough. At the end of October I went to a party and he was there. By this point I had grew some feelings for him which people said was weird because I hadn't spoken to him in person...I was so shy. At the party I was told by some he didn't want to speak to me, I became upset but tried not to let it ruin my night. By the end of the night he spoke to me but only for a short while and then the party was over. We began to speak constantly every day and started texting each other when we were out. I knew if I was going to speak to him any longer I'd become attached...and I was right. At the end of December we went to a party and I spoke to him on and off for the whole night and thats when I knew I liked him. And its funny because speaking to him now, we both gained feelings at this party. We started to speak in school and by February we were meeting up. I went through an obsession of wanting to see him every day, butterflies in my stomach when I would meet up with him. We met up every weekend until March 31st he asked me out and I became the happiest girl ever. Cringe as it sounds, this happened so unexpectedly because I knew Owen wasn't the type of guy to speak to a girl or have a girlfriend, and thats what makes me feel extra special to him.

Starting from the bottom, when you first go into a relationship no matter how hard you try your friends feel they're being left aside. And although at this time you do not think you are leaving them out, me personally, looking back to the time when me and my boyfriend (Owen) first started seeing each other, it was every single weekend for the next couple of months we were together and my friends always used to say 'you're always with him'. These first few months are the months that you are adjusting to having a boyfriend, your friends adjusting and you're just head over heels in happiness you just want to spend every single second with your boyfriend! This was me and I'm so glad that since me and Owen are so close we have both made time for our friends a lot more now that our relationship has progressed and one of the best things about seeing our friends quite a lot now is that when me and Owen get to spend time together its the best feeling because you haven't seen each other in quite a while.

One thing I have learned about being in a relationship are
the rumours...and by hell I mean major rumours. Being in a relationship, you are your own person, nobody can control you, and I think this can cause slight rumours to occur when people see the wrong side of this. It's easy to say 'just forget about what they're saying, you know you're not that and thats all that matters' but its not so easy when people brand girlfriends as 'physcos' 'controlling' 'over protective'. One thing I learnt when I left school is that rumours will spread, things will be made up but this is when your Self Respect comes in and you put in your say such as 'No, that was his decision, not mine.' ...done. You've had your say and if they want to believe other things then fair enough, but at least my boyfriend and I both know it wasn't true.

One thing I love about my relationship is how well we get on. Being in a relationship consists of many emotions to occur such as happiness, love, joy and even some negative emotions such as worry, sadness and a few others. I'm sure many other girls out there with boyfriends can relate to being worried...not in a bad way but in a way such as 'Did you get home OK', he probably gets annoyed at me for doing this because I will stay up until he gets home. And there are many debates on whether this is classed as 'over protective' but I see no harm in staying up waiting for a text when he's home and making sure he's safe, I think its just a sign you care and love for that person.

Relationships are definitely a HIT for me. I couldn't have asked for a better supportive best friend and boyfriend all in one. Our bond is one of the most special things within our relationship. We defiantly do go through some rough times but I believe if you get through them you come out stronger...and thats defiantly the case for us. I love my relationship because no matter what anybody says we stick by each other and keep things between ourselves. I'm so lucky to have found such an amazing person and looking back now November time last year I was in not a bad place but in a place where I felt so insecure about the way I looked and Owen pushes me to realise that I'm not that person anymore and that I am strong. He will look out for me and be honest with me and thats what I love.

It is such an amazing feeling to know you can trust someone so much and know they would put you first in any situation because Owen is that sort of person. He will put the people he loves such as his family and friends first in anything and he hates to let people down.

It will be a year on March 31st & I cannot wait for many more memories x

Thank you so much for taking your time to read,
much love, abbey x

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