Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Life about me: get to know me

So, today's the day I finally handed in my school's leaver form.

I am a 16 year old girl who lives in Scotland who has a major passion for hair and beauty. It all started when I was younger, I would log onto my laptop and watch a few videos now and then off people showing you how they do their makeup, filming various room tours and also them filming their daily lives. I thought 'this could be me one day'. I loved watching other people film themselves getting ready to go out, showing OOTD's and also I kept finding myself getting very stressed as to how I couldn't make my makeup look like theirs. I didn't realise that practicing makes perfect...obviously, duh. I wanted to be exactly like them you-tubers I watched, I wanted to have their skills, their life, and off course...their makeup. Growing up over the years I have watched several people and I still do, such as Zoe Sugg, Emily Canham, Tanya Burr and The Sacconne Jolys. I have grown a major love for makeup and fashion and I love to experiment with different brands, seeing which one works better or perhaps which one apply's better. I have also grown up throughout school off people asking me what I wanted to be when I was older in which I replied that I wanted to be a makeup artist or working within the beauty industry, off course there were kids who bad mouthed this and said they wanted to do something 'more useful' and go to university. Many people who bad mouth others for wanting to work within the beauty industry are people who usually want to get their hair or nails done, and they're bad mouthing the people who do this for them...some people but not most will pay to go and get their hair done or pay to get pampered, this service wouldn't be here today if it is 'a useless job'.

How was School life for me?

I hated school. I hated getting up every morning at 7:00am, dragging myself out off bed to put makeup on to make me look at least OK to start the school day. School was OK during the early years off high school, and then teenagers became teenagers and it got a bit worse. My best friend moved away as I was going into fourth year. My school is split and so 1st - 3rd years were in one building and 4th - 6th years were in another building. My best friend (Seren) was in the year above me so she was in fifth year. Things got tough as she moved away and I didn't have her by my side when I came into the bigger school, but eventually I made more friends within my year and things got better. In fifth year things got bumpy, I moved to a new set off friends and I was happy to begin with. Things were going good when I started speaking to a boy. He was very nice and such a down to earth boy. Things progressed and in September there were constant things going around saying 'he likes her' 'she likes him' 'they speak' which is very common for high school kids to say. 4 months came around and we still hadn't met up, we spoke at parties but nothing serious, just a hi. I was told by his friends he didn't want to speak to me, he didn't like me, and obviously I believed them and began to get really upset about the whole situation. We spoke non stop, every day, every night and eventually I grew a lot off feelings for this boy and I didn't think he liked me back. I became very upset about this. So, after things settled down it moved into new year and then came around February when I met up with this boy. As we spent the evening together I knew I liked this boy. We started going out on March 31st and I was the happiest girl ever!! We would spend every weekend we could together and I could easily call him my bestest friend as well as my boyfriend as he would help me with everything, and was always there for me. My friends soon became annoyed that I was spending too much time with him and it was always about him. But looking back now, it was always my boyfriend (owen) who was there for me and looked out for me which is why I wanted to see him all the time. He is truly the best and I adore him so so much. Over the next few months I done my exams and thought it was time for a fresh start. I decided to leave school after summer. As I was thinking about my decision I had yet not told anyone about my decision as I wanted to keep it private.

So today I handed in my leavers form and I feel so free to be able to move on to the next chapter in my life to start courses within the makeup industry. I am glad to say my boyfriend and my other group off best friends are so supportive off me and I appreciate every single one off them.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog,
Abbey :) Xxxx

me and owen 

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